Wiosna van Bon (1992) is a half-Polish, half-Dutch photographer who graduated as a documentary photographer at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL). Wiosna van Bon is a photographer with a great interest in psychology. Her work is about ethics and people are always in the centre of her projects. She is interested in the lonely individual, separated groups and inequality – specifically in those who, despite everything, preserve. Wiosna van Bon is fascinated in themes such as power, behaviour and identity. She treats her photos like poems in which rhythm, metaphors and symbolism are key factors. In her projects, she combines different mediums including photo books, installations, photography, video, text and found footage. During the research of her subjects, she regularly noticed a shift in her perception and sometimes even in her own opinion. Wiosna van Bon aims her projects would have a similar effect on the viewers, creating both empathy and room for discussion. Currently, she is working as a freelance photographer, both on self-initiated and commissioned projects.

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2017 –           Wiosna van Bon photography (freelance photographer);
2017 – 2019 Photographer, Zien24, Rotterdam;
2015 – 2016 Evening Program, Exodus, The Hague;
2015 – 2015 Internship Henk Wildschut, Amsterdam;
2015 – 2015 Internship Jaap Scheeren, Amsterdam;
2012 – 2017 Bachelor of Arts, Photography, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague;
2012 – 2013 Research Lab. The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Hague;
2011 – 2012 Art class, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht;
2011 – 2012 Photography Koning Willem 1 College, ’s-HertogenBosch;


2021 Talent Wall, Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven;
2019 Artist Talk ‘crowdfunding’, Kunstloc Brabant, LocHal Tilburg;
2019 Artist Talk ‘Belfast Photo Festival’, Framewerk Northern Ireland;
2019 Artist Talk ‘documentary photography’, Foundation Dichterbij Oss;
2019 Solo exhibition ‘Family Stranger, city hall Oss;
2018 Solo exhibition ‘Family Stranger’, prison PI Vught;
2018 Artist talk (12 times) ‘Family Stranger’, prison PI Vught;
2018 Group exhibition ‘Works of Mercy’, CBK, Amsterdam;
2018 Artist talk ‘Kunst Cafe Works of Mercy’, Amsterdam;
2018 Group exhibition ‘Familiar/Familial’, Photo-Emphasis, Online;
2017 Group exhibition ‘Graduation festival’, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague;
2017 Group exhibition ‘The Power of the Single Image’, Melkweg, Amsterdam.


2021 ‘Wiosna van Bon’, Yoghurt Magazine;
2021 ‘Sssstad’, de Volkskrant;
2021 ‘Fotograaf Wiosna van Bon’, de Volkskrant;
2021 ‘Als…familie veroordeeld’, Video VROUW, De Telegraaf;
2020 ‘Fotoboek’, Het Parool;
2020 ‘Wiosna van Bon toont dat ook de familie…’, Brabant Cultureel;
2020 ‘Wiosna van Bon’, Podcast Prisonshow;
2020 ‘Boek over het Grote Geheim’, RTV Oost;
2020 ‘Wat als je geliefde in de gevangenis zit?’, NPO Radio 1, NOS Radio 1 Journaal;
2020 ‘Fotograaf doorbreekt taboe met boek familie van gedetineerden’, RTL 4, RTL Boulevard;
2020 ‘Hoe ga je om met een gezinslid dat in de gevangenis zit?’, 5 uur show, SBS6;
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2020 ‘Family Stranger over gedetineerden en hun gezinnen’, Vught nieuws;
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2018 ‘Expositie in gevangenis Vught’, Stadsblad Den Bosch;
2018 ‘Fotograaf geeft familieleden gedetineerden een stem’, Regio Oss;
2018 ‘Fotoproject…omgaan met een misdadig familelid’, LINDA;
2018 ‘Praten over detentie blijft lastig’, Brabants Dagblad;
2018 ‘Osse fotografe exposeert in PI Vught’, Algemeen Dagblad;
2018 ‘Geliefde in de gevangenis, hoe is dat?’, Omroep Brabant;
2018 ‘Unseen Dummy Award announced’, British Journal of Photography;
2018 ‘Wiosna van Bon Instagram Take-over’, Photobooks from Finland;
2017 ‘Effe Luchte – Fotoproject ’, Exodus Nederland;
2017 ‘Goudlicht en avondschijn’, Poeziecentrum Vzw;
2017 ‘Kabk presenteert: the ink, the milk, the blood’, New Dawn Paper.


2021 Shortlisted: ‘The Author Book Award’, Les Recontres d’Arles;
2021 Shortlisted: ‘De Nederlandse Fotoboekenprijs’, FotoFestival Naarden;
2021 Shortlisted: ‘Best Photography Book Award’, PHotoESPAÑA;
2021 ‘ZOZ Academy’, Fund ZOZ;
2020 ‘Kennisvoucher Impulsgelden’, Province of North Brabant and Kunstloc Brabant;
2020 ‘Work Contribution Young Talent’, Mondriaan Fund;
2019 ‘Crowdfunding support’, Province of North Brabant and Kunstloc Brabant;
2018 Shortlisted: ’Unseen dummy award’, Unseen;
2018 Shortlisted: ‘Emerging Artist Scholarship’, Lucie Foundation.