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We are currently witnessing the biggest change of the Earth’s electromagnetic environment that has ever taken place in human history. This change started only a handful of decades ago and continues to escalate at an exponential rate.

More and more people say they have health problems caused by electromagnetic fields (also called radiation). People with the capacity to observe this EMV are called ‘electro hypersensitive’. They are suffering from electrical hypersensitivity, abbreviated EHS. With this project, my main goal is not to prove that radiation is harmful to the human body but to show the way these people are living, hiding in their shelters.

The individuals who suffer from EHS regularly feel lethargic, depressed, or suffer from headaches, chronic fatigue or other physical or psychological pain or complaints. Usually, these conditions are not considered to have a clear medical cause. Most doctors cannot find specific causes, and ultimately they would refer to mental health problems or stress. However, EHS seems to have a primary physical cause because in a ‘clean’ environment, the same electro-sensitive people do not have these problems. Currently, there is no effective therapy or medicine. As long as it’s not clear what exactly is wrong with these people, medical solutions will be far away.

The sensitivity to EMF and the type of complaints vary between individuals. The electro-sensitive person could try and remove different sources of radiation one by one, to figure out which one is making him/her sick. Due to the non-specific list of complaints, the authorities remain sceptical and maintain a wait-and-see attitude.