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‘I left my coat behind’ is a working title, this project is currently in progress.

The number of homeless people in the Netherlands has doubled in the past ten years, including an increasing group of young people. Many of these homeless youth have disappeared from the radar for the municipality. Even though there is more insight into this group nowadays, little seems to change.

The modern homeless youth do not stand out nor they are visually recognisable; they move among us without anyone noticing them. For this project, homeless young people are my main subject. I opt for a research-based approach searching for the root cause of their situation, involving their origin, family situation and current environment. I’m interested to understand what pushes a family to such a breaking point, where a teen can’t stay anymore at home. What is the cause of the increasing number of homeless young people? What has caused this youth to lose their homes and how will this affect their lives? How can these young people manage under such circumstances? What is the definition of home to them and can they feel at home anywhere?

This research is supported by ZOZ Academy, fund ZOZ.